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At DanMar Plumbing in Kitchener, Waterloo, and the surrounding areas we pride ourselves on providing reliable, efficient, and professional faucet and leak repair services to our valued customers.

Our expert plumbers are dedicated to delivering quality plumbing services and repairs, ensuring your home or business remains protected from water damage.

With 68 5-star reviews, you can trust DanMar Plumbing for all your faucet and leak repair needs.

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Faucet Repairs

Whether it’s a dripping faucet or one that’s hard to turn, we can repair a wide range of faucet issues. We understand that each home has unique plumbing needs, and we strive to provide solutions that meet these specific requirements.

Leak Repairs

Leaks can cause significant damage over time, leading to costly repairs. Our team at DanMar Plumbing can swiftly identify and repair leaks, preventing water damage and conserving water.

Faucet Replacement

If your faucet is beyond repair, we can provide and install a replacement for you. We offer a wide range of faucets to suit your style and budget.

Leak Detection

Our team is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to accurately detect leaks, even those hidden behind walls or under floors. Early leak detection can prevent extensive water damage and save you money in the long run

Why Trust Us?

When it comes to faucet and leak repair, you’ll want to choose a plumbing company that values reliability, efficiency, and professionalism – and that’s exactly what we offer at DanMar Plumbing.

With 68 5-star reviews under our belt, we pride ourselves on providing expert plumbing services and repairs to Kitchener, Waterloo, and the surrounding areas.

We’re committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions for all your plumbing needs, ensuring your home remains problem-free.

So, when you need top-notch faucet and leak repair services, trust us at DanMar Plumbing to get the job done right!


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Faucet & Leak Repair Issues

Dripping Faucets

A dripping faucet is not just annoying; it wastes water, leading to higher utility bills. This issue is often caused by a worn-out washer inside the faucet handle.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes can cause significant water damage and can lead to mold growth, which can be harmful to your health. Leaks often occur at joints, but they can also be caused by corrosion or damage to the pipe itself.

Low Water Pressure from Faucets

Low water pressure from your faucets can make it difficult to use any plumbing system in your home. This issue can be caused by a buildup of sediment or mineral deposits in the faucet aerator, a leak in your home’s plumbing, or a problem with the municipal water supply.

Faulty Faucet Handles

Faulty faucet handles can make it difficult to turn the faucet on or off. This issue is often caused by a problem with the handle’s internal mechanisms, such as a worn-out cartridge or stem.

Leaks Around the Base of the Faucet

Leaks around the base of the faucet can cause water to pool on your countertop or sink, leading to water damage. This issue is often caused by a worn-out O-ring or seal.

Running Toilets

A running toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water per day. This issue is often caused by a problem with the flapper valve that lets water pass from the tank to the bowl, but it can also be caused by issues with the float or the fill valve.

Leaks Under the Sink

Leaks under the sink can cause water damage to your cabinets and floors. These leaks are often caused by problems with the water supply lines or the drain pipes.

Understanding these common faucet and leak repair issues can help you identify and address problems before they lead to a plumbing emergency.

Regular maintenance and prompt repairs are key to keeping your plumbing system in good working order.

Always quick to respond. They show up on time, and I know the problem will be identified and fixed. DANMAR Plumbing has my confidence and repeat business.

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Why is Faucet & Leak Repair So Important?

Faucet and leak repairs may seem like minor plumbing issues, but they can actually have significant effects on your home and your wallet.

At DanMar Plumbing, we believe it’s essential to address these problems as soon as they arise.

Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it will also help preserve the environment.

We’re sure you’ll find value in our faucet and leak repair services for a variety of reasons:

Conserving water: Fixing leaks promptly helps reduce water waste, which is crucial in today’s environmentally conscious world.

Avoiding damage: Leaks can lead to water damage in your home, causing costly repairs and even mold growth.

Saving on bills: By fixing leaks, you’ll prevent an increase in your water bill due to excess usage.

Maintaining home value: A well-maintained plumbing system increases the overall value of your property.

Peace of mind: Knowing that your home is free of leaks allows you to focus on other aspects of life without worrying about potential plumbing disasters.

At DanMar Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch faucet and leak repair services to residents of Elmira, Ontario.

Let us help you protect your home and save money by addressing these common plumbing issues.

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